• At Israel Special Metals LTD, we pride ourselves in having a facility fully capable of processing a wide range of Ta Scrap from the capacitor electronics industry. There are not many facilities in the … More information

    Tantalum Capacitor Recycling
  • Tantalum carbide powder is a refractory ceramic material with a very hard texture. A diamond only exceeds the hardness of tantalum carbide powder. Tantalum carbide powder (TaC) is a heavy brown powder … More information

    Tantalum Carbide Powder
  • Israel Special Metals produces a final product in the form of synthetic tantalum concentrates that range up to 72% Tantalum Contained. Our unique process allows us to convert Ta bearing materials to … More information

    Synthetic Tantalum Concentrate

Increase your profit and help save the world

Collection BinIsrael Special Metals Ltd. recycles and procures all types of Tantalum scrap. Our facility purchases Tantalum contained Sputtering Target Scrap, Tantalum Capacitor Scrap, and Ta CP scrap.

IsraSpecMet LTD. is a certified conflict free trader and an approved Tantalum Recycling Facility working directly with Capacitor Electronics Producers, Recycling of SuperAlloy products and Recycling for the Semiconductor Industry.

Current estimations show that there are less than 50 years of Tantalum resources left, based upon current extraction rates, reflecting the urgent need of increased recycling.

Our Tantalum recycling facility is a key source of Conflict Free Tantalum for high-tech industries around the world that depend on the resource.

If you have any questions or concerns about our Tantalum recycling services, we encourage you to get in touch